Product Voluntary Certification (PVC)

Voluntary Certification of products is carried out in the sphere unregulated by law, when the products are not subject to the mandatory European directives. In accordance with the application for certification, EAIC performs works on the confirmation of compliance of products with the applicable requirements. In case of positive results of work, the Voluntary Certificate of conformity with the European standards will be given.

Advantages of Voluntary Certification:

  • assessment and impartial, third party attestation that fulfilment of specified requirements has been demonstrated
  • provides confidence to consumers, regulators, industry and other interested parties that products conform to specified requirements
  • facilitates trade, market access, fair competition and consumer acceptance of products on a national, regional and international level
  • to address the needs of consumers, users and, more generally, all interested parties by giving confidence regarding fulfilment of specified requirements
  • to allow suppliers to demonstrate to the market that their product has been attested to fulfil specified requirements by an impartial third party body
  • provide confidence for those with an interest in fulfilment of requirements, and sufficient value so that suppliers can effectively market products.

An application form can be downloaded from Application’s page.